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We are Hammer Packaging.

We Are More Than Just Label Printers, We Are Package Decorators!

At Hammer Packaging, we understand the importance of communicating your brand effectively and consistently. We know that innovation is key, as it has the ability to impact product sales and lower production costs. And, we realize that every company is unique. That’s why every package decorating solution—from design to delivery—is custom tailored to fit your needs.

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Innovation, as unique as your product

Our mantra has long been “Lead. Don’t follow.”
And, we apply this to everything we do.

We are proud to continually invest in the most advanced technology the world has to offer—simply to reduce costs and deliver a better product. Whether your strategy calls for an innovative approach to R&D or one of the latest advancements in finishing, the team at Hammer has a fresh and exciting solution that’s right for you.

Hammer Press Floor

Unmatched in-house capability

Hammer Press Floor

Hammer Packaging combines the latest equipment, the top industry expertise, and an unwavering passion for excellence to create custom packaging solutions that simply cannot be beat.

From Prepress through to finishing, we process billions of high-quality labels per year on state-of-the-art equipment across multiple locations. Needless to say, we welcome your next big challenge.

The markets we serve—the results you want

Across a full gamut of industries, consumer product labels is what we do. See for yourself why so many of the world’s leading brands choose Hammer Packaging time and time again.

What's new at Hammer Packaging?

News & Updates

cut and stack labels
Why Cut and Stack Labels Are an Ideal Choice for Your Business

Often, the only way someone recognizes a brand is through its packaging. Just think about your weekly grocery shopping trip. How easily could you tell two brands of sandwich cheese apart, without the packaging? Packaging is an important part of building brand awareness, and the idea has been around for some time now. Michigan State University began offering a degree in Packaging Engineering in 1952, and since then the field has grown tremendously, with an estimated 3.8% annual growth in the industry between 2009 and 2014. Packaging labels can come in all shapes and sizes and are made in a variety of ways. One of the most popular types of commercial labels are cut and stack labels. READ MORE

commercial labels
Ever Wonder How In Mold Labels Are Made? Here's How

As small and seemingly simple as they can be, labels play a crucial role in the marketing and branding of products. Studies have shown that upon receiving an item with a promotional logo on it, 84% of Americans will remember that company's name. Commercial labels help create brand awareness and brand loyalty, and they help customers better locate a product when shopping. There are several different types of labels, but one of the most unique types are in mold labels. These custom product labels are built into the container, unlike other packaging labels that need to be applied after printing. How exactly are these labels made? READ MORE

Public Relations

Hammer Wins Four Awards in Annual Excellence Awards Competition

Hammer Packaging has won four awards in the 28th Annual packagePRINTING Excellence Awards competition, recognizing the highest level of printing quality and technical achievement. Winners were chosen from hundreds of entries submitted in over 40 different categories showcasing the capabilities of technologies spanning flexography, offset, screen, and digital. READ MORE

Upcoming Events

Monday, November 3, 2014

PACK EXPO focuses on processing and packaging solutions and presents emerging technologies and ideas from... read more

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