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Tempered Glass Solar Panels
Various types of solar panels are avaiable. Bifacial, dual glass, monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels. 
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Semi-flexible Solar Panels
Semi-flexiable solar panels are widely used by outdoor enthusiasists owning to their characters, which that they are light and easy to carry. 
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Custom Made Small Solar Panel
Design the solar panels with different voltages and currents for your own products
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Solar Cells
We also supply solar cells of different brands
Our Story
Founded in 2006, JGN Solar (Shenzhen JinGuangNeng Solar Energy Co., Ltd.) has been focusing on solar PV products research and production. Back to 2002, the founders of the company had already in the solar field which only few people know little about solar PV in China. JGN Solar started as a small factory producing solar epoxy sealed solar module, and now has grown up to a medium scale company with 100MW production capacity
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ETFE Film Solar Panels for Smartflower Project
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